The softest. Relaxed. Lived-in. Cozy. Airy. Linen

in purpose of

- making a difference in everyday sleep.

- making luxurious bedding goods accessible to people.

- promoting slow production and culture in an era where everything is fast.

- you sleep better, we feel happier.

Something that we'd never want to miss.

The softness and perfectly worn feeling.

Our linen is pre-washed (chemical-free, for sure)giving you the softness feel from day one. As it will only get softer as time goes by.

Linen is also temperature regulating, just perfect for all seasons.

The heirloom-quality that is

meant to last.

It's proven that linen is one of the strongest fabric out there. The best thing about it? It improves with age, as it gets stronger and just better after each wash.

Our 100% pure linen is sourced from South of France where it's known to have the best climate to grow linen crop.


Oh and it's hypoallergenic too.

Linen is

the friendly fabric.

Our linen is OEKO-Tex Certified. It's made free from harmful substance and of course safe for human use. Flax linen also requires 70% less water to grow than any other crops.

We also use 100% recycled or compostable packaging.

We believe

it is for everyone to have.

with more than decades of sourcing experience, we believe it's the best to source directly from artisans.

and comfy and heirloom bedding goods should be for everyone to enjoy.

Save more to sleep better.

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