The Luxury Beddings for Everyone.

We believe investing in good sleep is a must. Right now we're making it possible for everyone to have a shot at the most affordable pricing point ever.

We travelled miles to find the best linen mill which located in Lithuania who perfected their linen finishing technique through generations.

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All in One Sleeping Essentials.

Airy, Organic, and Dreamy. The temperature regulating makes linen perfect for all year round. Keeping you cool in the summer and just warm enough in the winter. Each piece is woven to the perfect weight for the your maximum comfort.

Linen is anti bacterial and hypo-allergenic which keeps the allergic away every time you rest on it. To conclude linen is just one of the best(Really). 


Sustainable for The Planet and You.


We believe in doing good. That's why we're here! Our mailer is made from 100% recycled plastic. Our linen is also OEKO-Tex Certified which means its free from harmful substances and safe for use. 

Last but never the least, linen is one of the most eco-friendly since flax linen crop is zero waste material which is bio-degradable and recyclable. They also require 20 times less water than cotton. 


Improves with Age.

There's this thing about linen that never fails to amaze us. Linen improves with age which means it gets softer and stronger after each wash. If you're looking for something that lasts(everyone does). This is definitely for you.


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