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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

-Chinese Proverb

Sustainability Pledge

It was our goal from day one to create something good that wasn’t just good for you, but also good for the people. That’s why we continue to to use eco-friendly packaging for our goods but we didn’t want to stop there. While it wasn’t easy to get all of the requirements to fit in, we’ve also partnered with One Tree Planted. Together, we can do something more.

A Partnership Full of Impact

In this spirit, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted. For every purchase, we will donate to a portion to One Tree Planted, a nonprofit to help renew and restore the environment and to improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands.

How it works...

One Tree Planted has never made it easier for us to do something good, its a simple and scalable approach for the betterment of the environment that we live in. One Tree Planted plant specific trees for specific regions, for instance; fruit trees, crops, and fast-growing trees, these trees provide multiple benefits to the local families in the areas and reforestation in some regions.

Why Trees?

Trees are essential for the planet, biodiversity and reducing the effects of climate change. Over 28 hectares of trees are being cut down every year for our needs. Deforestation is continuously being one of the biggest problems that we are facing every day that would impact our next generations. At the same time trees also provide enormous social impacts that would provide jobs of at least 1.5 billion people in the planet, empowering women in developing nations and supporting communities that have been impacted by environmental damage.


How does it affect you?

Nothing much actually, you'd include something in your home that feels great for you and - for our planet.