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One step at a time, we would like to be fully responsible and sustainable by integrating small batches production and fair profit distribution with above average wage policy.
We believe that home is comfortable for everyone; that's why we travel from place to place, searching for the best handmade goods. Most of our artisans were discovered during our journeys to the beaten paths craft and by doing so, we are able to help preserving their traditions and including their goods into our modern home.



First and foremost, our mission is to feature ethically sourced goods and sustainable living goods from all parts around the world to change the lives of many; from individuals to families to communities. Presenting unique products that resemble in their way.

We believe in taking small steps that matter and we're working hard to help out local artisans struggling to sell their goods.

Our culture begins with the curating the goods that would bring togetherness in your home anywhere, anytime, and for anyone.


Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

- Tanzanian Proverb


Introducing goods to the modern market, and by paying above average wage.


All made from start to finish.
Direct trade to reduce typical industrial cost.


Designed by our team and produced in small batches to achieve both premium quality and modern design.