Linen Collection - 1st Batch

Cheers to our first collection ever, we're so glad to announce that our linen collection is officially lands on the 23rd. This time we've been working tirelessly for 8 months till this very day.


Eventually after around half a year, we partnered with one of the linen mills in Lithuania to bring only the softest and finest linen to you. 



What's so good about it anyways?

We're going to make it brief this time. Three reasons to love our linen. Organic. Durable. Supremely soft and softens each time. The master artisans whom we sourced from have perfected their skills through generations. Since their finishing technique is like no other (really) you'll sleep on the clouds. 


Oh it's all stonewashed (for softness) and go by OEKO-Tex standard which means our linen fabric is free from harmful substances and safe to use. 

To conclude. Linen is just better.

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